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Hey! I’m Christian Korff

A curious and problem solving User Experience professional with strong communication skills. Coming from Human Factors in aviation I’m now a UX Manager in the field of e-commerce. I’m always striving for better UX maturity and continuously work on enhancing the UX mindset of stakeholders around me. I believe that UX can only be truly successful if everyone is committed to develop in a true user centered way.


My Experience

From user research and interaction design in aviation to strategic UX in e-commerce.

After finishing my master’s degree in human Factors in 2016, I was involved in different projects in the fields of Human Factors, UX, Web design and Engineering. For several years I lived in Italy, where I was part of the development of a monitoring system for the static health of metal structures. In the meantime, I built up my own e-commerce business and imported one of the best Italian olive oils to Germany to sell it online. Afterwards I was working as a Human Factors Consultant in different UX & Human Factors projects in the aviation industry where I was involved in software development and certification processes.

Since September 2020 I’m a UX Manager in a company which develops e-commerce solutions for SMBs. In this role I am part of the product management team and responsible for the overall user experience of the different products, UX alignment with external partners and the enhancement of the overall UX maturity.

I am proficient in using UX methods and tools for user-research, interaction-design and usability-testing. I also love to conduct design thinking workshops for co-creation of concepts and involving stakeholders and developers in the user-centric design process. My goal is to spread the UX mindset throughout all stakeholders in order to create a more sustainable UX development and product management process.

As a livelong learner, I’m continuously mastering my UX skills throughout trainings and always try to be up to date with the newest research findings and design trends.

Besides my full-time position in UX I also love to design websites for private projects and friends & family and mentor people who are new to the field of UX and help them with my knowledge and experience I gathered throughout the years.

ePages GmbH

UX Manager

Develpment of e-commerce software and website builder for SMBs.

since 09/2020

Tagueri AG

Human Factors Consultant

UX and Human Factors consulting in the aviation industry.

06/2018 – 08/2020

Rough Diamonds UG


Founding and implementation of an e-commerce business for mediterranean food.

11/2016 – 12/2019

Defa Ingegneria Srl

Project Manager

Development of a remote monitoring system for the static health of metal structures.

01/2017 – 05/2018

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